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Welcome to Willingdon Neighbourhood Watch

The  main aim of a Neighbourhood Watch scheme is to create a partnership between the local community, the police and the local authority.

Neighbourhood Watch started in the UK in 1982. There are now some 150,000 schemes running throughout the UK covering nearly five million households, which makes Neighbourhood Watch the largest voluntary movement in the country.

What can Neighbourhood Watch schemes do?

They can target local crime problems and take action to prevent them. In consultation with the local police they can find out from local people what crimes most concern and affect them and focus on those specific problems.

Most crime is opportunist, committed on the spur of the moment, or when a car or house is left unlocked. This means there is enormous scope for reducing chances for criminals

Traditional Neighbourhood Watch activity has focused on the immediate vicinity of homes. However, more and more schemes are now broadening their range of work.

Local problems such as combating anti-social behaviour, vandalism and graffiti are well within the scope of a well-organised neighbourhood watch scheme. You can also take action such as fitting more secure door and window locks in vulnerable homes. You could also lobby the local authority, for example, to improve street lighting or step up the security of a communal entrance.

For more information contact Ray Ingram

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