About Us

Willingdon Neighbourhood Watch was formed in 1982 by local residents Joan Barras, and Crime Prevention Officer Dave Smith, now retired. Unfortunately Joan Barras is no longer with us, however, their legacy survives with WNW today.

Although crime is relatively low in this area,we still all have to be vigilant, so, ”LOOK OUT”

Your committee members are.....

  • Ray Ingram: Chairman.
  • Sandra Fullman: Acting Secretary
  • Nita Luce: Committee Member.
  • Stephen Shing: Committee Member.
  • Brian Kenton: Committee Member
  • Graham Winsor: Committee Member
  • Lesley Bellfield: Committee Member

Street co-ordinator/newsletter deliverers...

Mike Gordon, Peter Wickens, Sally Clark, Rosie Ginns, Ginnie Meades, Avril Stevenson, Sheila Norris, Rena Wood, Anna Lucas, Stephen Shing, John Simmonds, Peter Webb, John Phillips, Mary Mercer, Angela Forman, Marion Liversey, Mary Hutton, Mrs Heales,  Wendy Brownlow, Sheila Pullen, Brian Kenton, Doris Steen, Marie Shephard, Heather Allen, Graham Winsor, Ann Langford, Peter Burtenshaw, Nita Luce, Brenda Sterry, Alison Porter, Fred Mitchell, Pat Brinson, Vera Mortimer, Linda Dennett-Thorpe, Alex Wakefield, Sandra Fullman, Rosemary Hobden, Ray Ingram, Lesley Bellfield, Val Wells, Christine Johnson, Moira Brooks, Mrs Dunstall, Moira Howard and Geoff Moule.

Willingdon Neighbourhood Watch was formed for the benefit of all
residents living in Willingdon , and this website was  set up for the
benefit of residents and to include input from Wealden Police, and from
residents themselves.

This website is a Community Website, so if you have something to say
about YOUR COMMUNITY then we will try to place it on this site. If you
want to advertise a Garage sale, a Charity event , or just say something
nice about Willingdon, we will place it on our local news, or events
page. If you have a crime to report we will gladly place this under the
heading ...Local Crime. Under the heading of Recommended Traders we have
placed the contact details of Traders recommended by at least 2
residents, Ross Greenwood has been personally recommended by 3
residents, and if you wish to recommend a Trader, please send us their

Willingdon Neighbourhood watch  is independent of any
political Organisation, and all residents are automatically members of
this association. We offer help and advice where we can, otherwise we
can seek help and advice for you from other sources. Willingdon
Neigbourhood Watch is always seeking help with the delivery of our
newsletter, which is 4 times a year, if you wish to help deliver just 1,
or 101 please contact us. The more newsletter we can deliver, the safer
our community will be. The majoriry of our deliverers are pensioners,
and at sometime have to give up delivering for us, usually through ill

Sincere best wishes, Ray Ingram