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July 28, 2020

Targeted By Youth Gang - Seven Sisters

We have been contacted by a resident of Seven Sisters road who’s home was recently targeted by a gang of youths who pelted eggs at their windows the resident does not know the youths  and has no idea  why they were targeted. Our advice to all residents is be vigilant at all times, and if you ever see anything suspicious always contact the Police ASAP.

June 18, 2020

Undesirable and Untrustworthy Company

Hi, I had this ‘company’ (two dishevelled men between 30 and 40 years old) come to my home in a white pick up truck offering services of cleaning the driveway etc. They said that the neighbour had agreed to have the work done and that they wanted to do mine as it would look odd as it is a shared driveway. When I spoke to my neighbour it turned out they told her the same thing. I told him to sling his hook as he got more and more into a ‘spiders web of lies’, and I am a strong woman who knows when someone is pretending to be something they are not. However, I am writing to you with this information for fear of some of the other residents who may be a) vulnerable, b) elderly c) lonely or d) trusting. This describes our entire close so I am sure other locals are similar. Please can you circulate this information and tell whoever you tell to make them aware of these two men. One is quite young, the driver, and has an English, indistinct accent and the other is older, maybe in his forties and has an Irish accent.

I hope no one was ‘conned’ by them as it was going to cost over £200!

Thank you

June 15, 2020

PCSOs Check for Crime & ASB

PCSOs Lewis and Davidson took to their bikes this week to conduct a high visibility cycle patrol from Hailsham, down through to Polegate and Willingdon making stops on the way to locations that have seen an increase in crime and anti social behaviour. Areas that were checked, were Polegate station, High Street, and into Park Croft and onto Willingdon, where Tott Yew recreation ground has seen reports of littering and ASB in recent weeks.

May 28, 2020

Neighbourhood Watch June Our News Enewsletter Is Here

Dear supporters

The Neighbourhood Watch June 'Our News' enewsletter is out!

With the lockdown remaining fully in place in Wales and measures in England, altering, Neighbourhood Watch groups continue to support individuals and their communities to adapt, stay safe and manage the situation. We have been collecting stories of all the amazing work going on, several of which are in this newsletter.

"The range of support offered is fantastic and a real testament to how Neighbourhood Watch groups all across England and Wales have stood up to support others and their communities".
John Hayward-Cripps, CEO, Neighbourhood Watch Network

We are fast approaching the annual Neighbourhood Watch Week, 7th - 13th June, and there is lots of information in this newsletter on how to get involved and get active in celebrating your neighbours. If you have plans to get involved, let us know by emailing mailto:enquiries@ourwatch.org.uk?subject=Neighbourhood%20Watch%20Week%202020 so we can support you.

This year we have slightly separate messages for our English and Welsh supporters in line with the Government's guidance. Both versions can be accessed on our website here.

Happy reading and thank you for your continued support.

Central Support Team, Neighbourhood Watch Network

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